Get a Vintage Look with Modern Technology

Love the look of vintage appliances, but hate their excessive energy consumption? Meet Big Chill. Big Chill produces new vintage inspired appliances. The stoves, refrigerators, and dishwashers they make have the cool look of vintage appliances, but compete with modern models for energy efficiency and dependency.
The appliances come in eight colors (Beach Blue, Buttercup Yellow, Pink Lemonade, Jadite Green, Orange, Cherry Red, White, and Black). The Big Chill Fridge starts at $2695, stove options start at $3695, and the dishwasher starts at $1695.

Big Chill says:
Sometimes that streamlined kitchen needs a touch of whimsy--even, dare we say it, a blast from the past.
With Big Chill, you get both. Founded in 2001 in Boulder, Colorado, by Orion Creamer and Thom Vernon, a nephew/uncle duo who share a love of retro kitchens and an entrepreneurial spirit, Big Chill combines the iconic look of a 50's-style vintage refrigerator with all the modern amenities of today's contemporary appliances. It may look like your mother's vintage fridge, but a Big Chill retro refrigerator offers the functionality, efficiency and dependability of modern refrigerators. Best of all, no defrosting is required!

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Go to the official site of Big Chill and see everything they have to offer.
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