Luxury Spa Bathroom Ideas

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious, spa retreat. Create a space away from your busy, everyday schedule, where you can get the pampering and relaxation you deserve – right in your own home. Try these simple and affordable ideas to update your bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Get Rid of Clutter
Nothing is more distracting than clutter. It is so easy for clutter to accumulate in the bathroom, namely because there are so many products we associate with the bathroom. Toothbrushes, combs, makeup can pile up on counters and really destroy the calming atmosphere that a spa bath needs. It is really important to find a specific place where these can be tucked away out of sight (and therefore out of mind!). Whether it is in a well organized drawer or in a stunning medicine cabinet, these items need to get out of view. Robern carries some of the most elegant medicine cabinets on the market, and they would look right at home in a spa bath. Here is a selection of discount Robern medicine cabinets
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Choose natural, calming colors
When selection a color scheme for your spa bath, choose colors that give you a feeling of calm and relaxation. Gaze at a paint chip for a few moments and pay attention to the emotions that arise. Watch out for colors that cause you to feel anxious, worried, or energetic. Chose those colors that bring a deep sense of calm.

Lighting plays a huge roll in the atmosphere of a space. Look for soft lights and consider installing dimmers. Candle light can be not only romantic, but very calming. Scatter candles throughout the bathroom for warm, gentle light. Soy candles are the best choice as they will keep the air quality at its best.

Heated Floors
Put an end to cold tiles on your bare feet in the bathroom. Install an electric floor warming system under any tiles for instantly inviting warm tiles. Depending on the size of your bathroom parts and labor cost between $400 and $700.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub
Indulge yourself in one of Jacuzzi’s premium baths. The new line of Jacuzzi hot tub baths feature and abundance of jets, so you can create a perfectly customized massage. The Jacuzzi line also features  the Chromatherapy lighting system, which allows the bather to choose between 256 different lighting colors to create the perfect atmosphere for their bath. View Discount Jacuzzi bathtubs.

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Towel Warmer
Perhaps the greatest personal tragedy facing any modern individual is the shocking disparity between shower temperature and ambient air temperature.  Who hasn't, on a chilly morning, enjoyed a wonderful and refreshing shower, only to step out and be shocked by the draining chill of a cold bathroom?  With an electric towel warmer, your wet skin is treated to the luxury of a piping hot towel, warmed by design for optimal heat retention.  Never suffer the nip of post-shower chill again! Check out discounted towel warmers here.


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