Romantic Bath Ideas

Create a dreamy and relaxing retreat from your busy life with an inspiring, romantic bathroom. Creating a romantic bath is all about combining beautiful and unique pieces to create a cohesive and elegant look. This guide will give you the basics in beginning to think about the kinds of pieces that can be combined to give a vintage and romantic atmosphere in your bathroom.

Pedestal sinks are a never-fail romantic look. They evoke a very nineteenth century feminine elegance. Look for ones in a soft creamy white, with plenty of attention to detail. I love the Milano Console by Barclay (below) or keep your eyes open for estate sales where you might be able to grab up a vintage pedestal sink.







When it comes to toilets, always avoid vintage. Older toilets waste much more water than modern varieties. Luckily, there are many toilets being produced that have a more vintage look to them. Look for classic lines, like those in the Antiquity toilet by American Standard. The Antiquity even comes in a soft petal pink – what could be more romantic? (sigh)













For a truly romantic bath, a claw foot bathtub is essentially. Claw foot baths are elegant and beautiful, and so relaxing. Vintage claw foots are rare but if found in good condition, are a fantastic choice. Otherwise, there are plenty of new claw foot baths on the market. St. Thomas, Porcher, and Barclay all have lines of claw foot baths. My favorite is the Cast-Iron Slipper Tub by Barclay.    








As with toilets, it’s important to go new with faucets. Older faucets waste a lot more water than new faucets and are more prone to leak problems. There are a decent number of romantic options in new faucets though. The Delta Victorian line is an attractive choice.







Medicine Cabinet
I recommend a framed medicine cabinet for romantic baths. They allow you to conceal bathroom accessories and have a lovely, charming exterior. Robern is well-known for offering among the best medicine cabinets available. Their PL series of medicine cabinets is a great option.










Bathroom Accessories:
The small details really count in creating a cohesive vintage and romantic look. Search for the bathroom accessories that really compliment your particular take on the romantic bath. The Victorian Collection from Delta is a beautiful and highly affordable romantic option.












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