Environmentally Friendly Flooring Ideas

If you are building a new kitchen or bath or redesigning your current one a great way to make a better choice for the environment is to install flooring that is less destructive to the environment that standard hardwood. There are many attractive, affordable and resilient flooring options that are also environmentally responsible choices.

 Try bamboo, cork, or eucalyptus to create a warm wood-like finish. These materials come from rapidly renewing forests so harvesting them is much less destructive to the environment than the harvest of standard hardwood materials from colder climates. Another great option is to find a dealer of reclaimed wood flooring. This wood has come from previous structures (such as structural beams from old buildings) so does not consume new wood resources.  For a less traditional look, try out recycled metal, glass or stone styles. Linoleum is also a great option. It is highly durable, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic.

Please remember that if you have a functioning and safe floor in your kitchen or bath currently, the greenest choice that you can make is not replacing your floor. Extending the lifetime of your floor by maintaining it well and not following trends in flooring is a more environmentally continuous choice than replacing your floor unnecessarily, no matter what sort of flooring you are replacing it with.

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