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Interaktiv shower panels by Hansgrohe - Interaktiv S and 1901 series

Interaktiv showers are a premium product series of shower sets. The 1901 Interaktiv series commemorates Hansgrohe's 100 years of excellence and craftsmanship.  The 1901 offers a classic look.  The Interaktiv S shower panels have a beautiful Satin chrome panel finish and both feature a ThermoBalance thermostatic valve.

Hansgrohe Interaktiv superior showerheads are the result of ongoing research and development.  These are not just your normal showerheads.  There are four different levels of water flow.  Normal spray and the classic all-encompassing spray. The soft spray is a more gentle flow for splash-free rinsing.  The massage flow gives you a powerful message, while the mono water flow is perfect for aching muscles. Choose Hansgrohe and enjoy the luxury of Interaktiv.

hansgrohe shower panel

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