Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Chalkboard paint is popping up all over the design scene lately. While you might think of chalkboards and chalk as relics of your childhood, they also make for a funky and utilitarian addition to your home.

Two coats of chalkboard paint on any surface in your home turns it into an instant chalkboard that can be drawn upon, erased, and drawn upon again. Store-bought paints come in green and black. And you can even create your own chalkboard paint in any color – so if you need a robin egg blue chalkboard to go with your kitchen, no problem, just diy it.

Try chalkboard paint on you’re the backsplash of your stove as a clever place to jot out recipes. Need to check the families schedule before you head out the door? How about a chalkboard wall near the door with a list of the day’s events? Paint a corner of the kids’ room with chalkboard paint and let them exercise their creative talents.  For a more discreet chalkboard surface, try the inside of a cabinet. Jot down your grocery list, or ideas for an upcoming party.

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