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Bathroom Window Ideas - Balancing Natural Light with Privacy

Finding the correct treatment for the bathroom windows is always challenging. How do accommodate privacy needs and allow natural light to enter the space at the same time?

Try any of the inventive solutions below in your bathroom:

Stained Glass Windows
Installing a stained glass window or hanging a panel in your bathroom will be a beautiful addition to the room. It will also allow for the entry of natural light while providing total privacy. There are many dealers online, or see if you can support your local art scene by finding a glass artist.

Window Film
Window film is another non-traditional alternative to window coverage. Window film maximizes light entry while providing privacy. In recent years, a huge variety of decorative window films have come into the market, so they is sure to be something that will compliment your décor.

Wooden Blinds
Wooden blinds are a simple and classic choice for bathroom. They compliment a wide range of decors and are widely available. The downside of wooden blinds is that to provide maximum privacy, natural lighting must be sacrificed.

Interior Shutters
Interior shutters are a good alternative to wooden blinds. They provide a similar classic look, but allow more control over privacy and lighting.

Glass Blocks
Glass block windows can be a modern and beautiful solution to this challenge. Glass blocks walls can allow up to an entire wall’s worth of natural light in the bathroom, while providing complete privacy.

A skylight is another good option for a top-level bathroom as well.  Skylights provide a lot of light, while negating the issue of sightlines into the bathroom. A similar option is simply installing windows higher up. Placing windows close to the ceiling allows for light entry, but not for exposure.

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