Bathroom Color Ideas

The bathroom can be the perfectly place to experiment and play with bright and bold colors in your home. Since the space is so small, the color that you select for your walls really sets the atmosphere of the space.

If you are a morning person, who spends the most time in their bathroom early in the morning, before work, select colors that are really energizing. Energizing colors will help you to wake up and get excited about the day ahead of you. You will leave your bathroom feeling alert and ready to take on the world! Really energizing colors are yellows and oranges and while these might seem intimidating for such a small space, the right shades can really make it work.
Suggested colors: Benjamin Moore Sunkissed Yellow or Orange Sky

If a long bath is your nightly, wind down from the day ritual, you want to choose more calming colors for the walls. There are a number of calming color possibilities that look great in small spaces. Try a pale lavendar on the walls and fresh lilacs at the bathside for a sleepy, relaxing retreat. Or try a very light green, like surf green and a cd of crashing ocean sounds for a seaside relaxer.
Suggested colors: Benjamin Moore Whisper Violet or Surf Green

For those who are looking for their bathroom to be a proud member of a larger "work of art" decor, don't be afraid to go really bold in the bathroom. Deep purples, vibrant blues, even bright pinks can work in this space.
Suggested colors: Benjamin Moore Majestic Violet, Blueberry, or Gypsy Pink

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